Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm back...with BIG news!

So...S2H and I are engaged!  Or have been engaged is more accurate.  I am so mad at myself for not writing this post 54 days ago when he popped the magical, life changing question.  But I got so wrapped up in the air like feeling I had and the whirlwind of excitement that I completely neglected to write everything down.  Which is a bummer since that initial magic and beauty is so hard to capture 54 days later.  But all those warm and fuzzy feelings are still with me, and better late than never (at least that is my mantra when it comes to blogging and shipping birthday gifts)!
Let me start off this little story by saying S2H is way sneakier than I give him credit for.  I am a control freak and like to have a plan and be in charge of the plan.  But I LOVE to be surprised, which is almost impossible due to the prior statement.  I knew S2H had spoken with my dad and asked for his blessing, I also knew that S2H had gotten my mom's engagement ring from my dad...I knew all this because I am a spaz and wanted to be involved and make sure my dad and S2H had a good love convo and that the ring was safe at all times.  I also went jeweler shopping with S2H because I was nervous that some mobster jeweler would (a) ruin the precious ring (b) steal the precious ring (c) swap out my mom's stone for something that she had never touched or worn...I watch too much Dateline NBC!  After finding the perfect family owned (non-mobster family) jeweler S2H and I designed the new setting really was a joint effort.  He wanted me to love the ring I would wear the rest of my life, and I wanted him to be proud to place it on my finger one day. After this I was no longer to be involved with engagement stuff...which I wanted but was really hard!  I tried to put the engagement out of my mind but that is virtually impossible...don't let anybody tell you otherwise!  I was however very mellow around Christmas...this was because I had told S2H that I did not want to get engaged at Christmas...just not my style.  So the whole month of December I thought I was in control and worried more about getting a puppy with a big red bow and making the perfect Christmas cookies.  Alas, sneaky S2H knew this was the perfect time to strike!
We spent the day packing for a Christmas visit with S2H's family in PA. The day was filled with laundry and last minute gift wrapping.  I was kind of grouchy since I hate packing, was feeling weird about my first Christmas away from home, and I had my mom on my mind since it would have been her 50th birthday.  S2H kind of did his own thing most of the day...he was out and about "buying last minute gifts".  We opened our stockings by our Christmas tree before we left.  We had the car all packed and were almost out the door when S2H started "putzing."  You know, moving things around, going to the restroom, taking out the trash.  I was ready to go people...I had on my yoga pants, uggs, pillow in hand, and scarf to snuggle with.  Then S2H tells me to grab my bathing suit so we can use the hot tub at his parent's house. way, I am not wearing a bathing suit in December...they don't call 'em chunky knit sweaters for nothing!  After much prodding he finally got me to go into the bedroom.  He followed me in and asked me if he could say a few things about my mom on her birthday.  I was totally confused at this point, but he convinced me to sit on the bed.  He was standing but I made him sit next to me because it felt awkward - see control freak.  He started saying these wonderful things about my mom, how he felt like he knew her because of the way I loved him and the time he has spent with my brother and sister.  This is when I just closed my eyes and let the tears fall while he said all these amazing things about our relationship.  I finally opened my eyes when he took a brief  pause.  S2H was down on one knee telling me he couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my mom than asking me to marry him on her birthday!!  I was is the craziest feeling, I can't even describe it.  It's like all the worry and sadness you ever felt leaves your body and you are filled with hope.  Between a teary kiss I of course said "yes"!  Or something along those lines. And then he put the most beautiful, sparkly ring on my hand...a ring that was half my mom's and half something we created together. Something that reminds me every day that she is on our side and part of our love.  And that was my most perfect engagement (on December 23rd) to the most perfect man for me. He obviously knows me better than I know myself, has the kindest spirit, and always goes above and beyond. It was a  moment I dreamed about but the reality was far better than the dream!

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day! xo