Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Family Fun

This weekend S2H and I made the most of the long weekend and headed to the Triangle Area to visit Giselle and Isaac (S2H's awesome nephew who lives in NC). Our first stop was UNC for shopping, college Mexican, and some Carolina brews! We only got 24 hours in with Giselle but it was the best 24 hours!
{my beautiful sis treated me to a personal styling afternoon and lots of snuggling!}

{and S2H got his own treat at Carolina Brewery}
On Saturday we headed to Raleigh to hang out with Isaac. As luck would have it the Pittsburg Penguins were in town playing the Carolina Hurricanes. So we grabbed Isaac and headed to the game. We had an awesome dinner at Porters beforehand. They somehow magically combined artichokes and queso. Once got to the arena we were surprised with awesome seats. The game was really exciting. Lots of action around the goal and some hilarious arena antics. The Hurricanes have dancers in every corner and a crowd energizer named Big Mike. They have even adopted the home town hero Rick Flare's "woooooo" as their goal cheer. To sum it up it was a great night and an awesome treat to hang out with Isaac.  
{sporting yellow and black for the Pens!}
{Isaac, a happy Canes fan (5-3)!}

{last but certainly not least, Big Mike & Stormy, the ice hog}