Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School...

I loved getting ready for "back to school". Not so much starting class but shopping for new school supplies, fall clothes, and then best of all, goodies for the dorm room. Well now I am a little worker bee, sadly with no direction of when/in what way I want to go back to school. But I can still make my "back to school" wish list!
a good start for any event or season is a good pedicure. i think this "fish net stockings" red from essie may just fit the bill as we transition into fall!

back to school for college kiddos and alumni definitely means tail-gate! how about these little margarita juice boxes for those early fall games? convenient and fun!

i'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of nude heels. this nine west pair would be perfect but i kind of want patent leather??

i love the look of the new messenger bags this fall. just not sure i love the idea of something sitting on my huge hips...yikes!

speaking of purses i am smitten over this kate spade "book of the month" clutch! hello book club...i need this! if only this textbook was in the budget!

planners are my absolute favorite! i could buy ten every year as there are so many options! angela found this one for me and the best part is that a portion of the proceeds go to Pediatric Cardiology care!

I could go on and on with my little wishes but that would be a lot of scrolling for you all. So we will just end on this nice pink polka dot note! What's on your "back to school" wish list?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Unique Wedding Gifts

This summer I have 4 weddings! And all 4 are friend weddings...a first for me. Since I am a serial procrastinator I have found that I do not do well with the registry thing. I wait too long and then there isn't a thing left. I'm not exactly sure what the etiquette is for buying gifts outside of the registry but I've come across a few online gift finds that I will definitely be bookmarking. Hopefully they will be a hit with the happy couple!

{i love this family sign from etsy. and not bad at $32}

{i adore this personalized cutting board from monogram chick...great for entertaining!}

{personalized Christmas ornaments make thoughtful gift toppers}

{this fiesta margarita basket keeps the party going even after the reception is over}

Do you have any go-to wedding gift items? Is it ok to go off the registry? Happy wedding season!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st Annual "Lovies" Convention

Last Thursday I headed down to Pawleys Island, SC for a little girls weekend to celebrate our favorite bride-to-be, Nina! The weekend was a whirlwind of laughter, story-telling, nail painting, firefly sweet tea, and quality time with the best girls I know!

{Miss.Muffin is so creative, she had monogrammed towels made for all the girls!}

{Beach time was so fun-long walks, lots of reading, and the best company!}

{We finished the weekend with a wonderful dinner at Frank's. We all got a little teary toasting Nina and our wonderful friendships! The food was delicious- fried okra, shrimp & grits, goat cheese salad, creme brulee & sky high cake! The malbec was tasty too, we ate like the princesses we are!}

{"let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." ~marcel proust}

Saturday Musings

Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope you are spending your Saturday enjoying the little things. S2H and I spent a lazy morning hanging out with my cousin and munching on a savory strata along with some fresh berries...yum, might be our dinner too!
My head is spinning with a few things. 1.) I can't seem to find a pair of favorite earrings (they were my mom's). This is driving me crazy as this summer I lost one of her earrings to the ocean...grrr. Praying to St.Anthony is now my hourly mantra. 2.) Miss.Nina's wedding is in exactly 2 weeks! Can't wait to see my sweet friend walk down the aisle. I feel so lucky that I get to stand by her side! 3.) I need to lose 3/4 of an inch in my waist before Nina's wedding so I can fit into my bridesmaids dress, yikes! This is not good as I sit here savoring ice cream. 4.) I need a haircut. Bad. But I can't seem to find a stylist in my neighborhood. Everything is so expensive, and I can't justify paying $80 for a trim. But my split ends are making themselves known. Any recommendations??
I'm off to organize pictures and future posts. Have a wonderful weekend! To see some tid-bits from my girls weekend last week click here and here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time Flies

{i love this man. gold guido chain and all!}

I mentioned in my last post that S2H and I celebrated our two year (dating) anniversary. Our actual day is July 31/August 1. We decided to start dating the night of July 31 so I like to count both days. It took us a whole year to start dating! First we were co-workers, then neighbors, neighbors turned into best friends, and best friends turned into snuggle buddies (don't judge, it was a cold winter in Kansas City!). After many nights of Jon & Kate Plus 8, drunken walks home holding hands, movie nights on the couch, the appeal of homemade dinners and lunches (food is the way to S2H's heart) and some battles in between we finally started dating. I always knew I wanted S2H, took him a little longer to feel the same, but we both fell in love together! The two years has been packed with triumph and tears, but I am always glad I have him beside me. He is the only person I would ever want to be my roommate and the first person I call with news. He can handle my panic when I am lost (which is a lot) and my territorial kitchen behavior. He lets me talk him to sleep and always makes the bed. I know I am blessed when we catch each other's eye.

We had so much fun celebrating that it will take another post for all the pictures. I treated S2H to a day date in the Eastern Shore, so fun! More to come!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Left Feet

Greetings! I know I have been MIA for quite some time but I plan to come back with a vengeance! This summer has been quite a whirlwind and I want to give all the moments some blog justice. I wanted to return to the blogging world with a post about my sweet friend, Carolyn, and her gorgeous wedding. I say this because she actually mentioned to me during her reception that I hadn't blogged in forever! I knew then that it was time to return to the interwebs. However, I have some Facebook stalking to do to gather some good pictures of the glowing Carolyn and her handsome groom, Jimmy. My camera is slowly dying and could not handle the romantic lighting!

Currently, I am struggling with a bit of stage fright. S2H in all his boyfriend awesome-ness signed us up for a 4-week beginner ballroom dance class to celebrate our two year anniversary! That S2H is so smart! This gift is creative and involves both of us learning together, aka, a winning combination. There is one teeny tiny setback....I am a clumsy mess! I don't dance unless I have half a bottle of vodka in me and it usually involves my hands in the air and me singing along to Journey! I know...a hot mental image! Yikes!

I am trying to prepare as best as I can for our upcoming class next week. My cubemate is going to try and teach me the box step before next Tuesday and make me somewhat presentable. Much of my fear lies in the fact that we have to switch dance partners. I know S2H will still love me even if he has to hold my clammy hands and ice his toes from my monster feet but what about everyone else?! I'll be "that" girl. Do you know I never even went to prom!? I have decided to focus on the things I can control. So if I am going to be the last picked partner I mine as well be wearing a cute outfit! The dance studio recommends loose-fitting clothing and leather soled shoes. I think I am going to take my inspiration from the wedding planner. You all remember the scene where they dance an angry tango during the ballroom dancing class, right?

So here is what I have come up with. Hopefully I can talk S2H into a little shopping trip this weekend! :)

{possibly this little number from j.crew}

{i think a tulip skirt could work??}

{i could definitely move in this, but it may be too clingy}
{this one is my favorite from anthro...kind of reminds me of Center Stage! what do you all think?}