Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best Summer Meal Ever...minus the side effects

S2H and I kicked off the work week on the right foot with a healthy dinner...grilled salmon with spicy peach salsa.  Usually, I am disappointed by at-home salmon recipes...too fishy, lacking flavor, you get the drift.  Not too mention I am a new seafood eater and the potential smell makes me squirm.  But everywhere I turn magazines and blogs are highlighting the benefits of eating salmon on a weekly basis.  So with new found resolve I decided it was time to go for it, especially after reading that it helps improve your skin-hello wedding glow!  I didn't have to look far for an appetizing recipe, to the rescue, Nina!  This recipe is from Cooking Light.  I prepped my salmon for the grill pan, Nina's way, with kosher salt, pepper, fresh lemon juice, and a couple cloves of minced garlic.  I made the salsa exactly like the Cooking Light recipe, but next time I would add another peach.  S2H and I were fighting over the peach chunks to create the perfect bite!  Here is our final product, on a bed of arugula (for a peppery bite) with a side of lemon green beans with toasted almonds. This meal was awesome!! Filling but in the healthiest of ways...and room for a 70 calorie Dove ice cream bar :).

Now this meal would have been absolute perfection if I hadn't made a huge mistake... I cut the jalapeno bare handed! And holy moly...this pepper was killer.  I rinse my hands about a dozen times while cooking, but no luck...I got a serious jalapeno burn!  I stuck my hand in cold water - no relief.  Hand INSIDE bag of frozen peas...a bit of relief.  Fresh lime juice...a few more temporary seconds of relief. And after Googling and finding this, I soaked my hand in milk.  But we only had skim milk, and the recommendations said the more milk fat the better, sour cream the best!  No sour cream, fat free creamer...I was dying!  Buried in the back of the fridge was a small carton of butter milk...with a July expiration date.  S2H raised his eye brow at me, but I was a woman in pain.  In went the hand into weeks old buttermilk.  To top it off I smeared low fat cream cheese all over.  Ahhh...soooo gross, but so much better.  Picture proof and a warning, beware of the burning peppers!

{wine helps too ;). did i mention this post was created a la one hand?!}


  1. oh wow.. I had no idea! Good to know because I could easily make this mistake.

  2. Ouch! That must have been one powerful jalapeno! Usually my hands are ok but if I touch my eyes I'm toast