Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Find

I failed last week at my promised Fall Find, but I am quite excited about this week's find! This little gem was passed onto me by my sweet and cheery friend Hilary! Hilary is one of those amazing people who is always thinking about others. She's the friend who will shoot you an e-mail with a news article about a book you have recently read or some fabulous new restaurant by your house. AMAZING. Knowing I love all things food, Hilary passed on this very cool FALL Recipe Exchange! It is being started by another blogger, and I think it is just the best idea! I am already trying to decide if I should submit my Cheddar Apple Pie Dip or Pumpkin Bars, maybe both! The recipe exchange is scheduled for Monday, October 12th. So get your recipes ready and bask in the glory of all yummy things pumpkin, cinnamon and everything nice!

*Looking for a good book to get cozy with?? Check out Hilay's Blog, Pritt-y Story to Tell, you will be impressed!


  1. ohhhh meghan - you're too sweet!! Today's post almost makes me cry as well.. you know what though, I think you could host an even better Fall Recipe Exchange. You should dooooo it!!!

  2. Thanks Hil!! I need more followers and then I bet we could get some yummy stuff! How did Joel's bday go??