Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BFF & Fall Baking

This past Sunday my friend Angela and I got together and channeled our inner Martha Stewart and got to baking! This little baking session was long overdue and we were both dying for something pumpkin. We decided on brown butter iced pumpkin cupcakes from Martha Stewart's Cupcake book. This book is heavenly and also a recent gift Angela gave me! Well we decided that 30 cupcakes just wasn't enough! I had a charity bake sale at work right around the corner and we wanted to bring treats to a mutual friend who had recently moved into her first place. So we went a little crazy and made banana nut muffins and chocolate chip cookies! Here are the results!
{cookies and muffins all wrapped up for the charity bake sale!}

{bites of heaven perfectly dipped in rich buttery icing}

*recipe for cupcakes soon to follow, i can't seem to find it online.


  1. Nice Meghan - lovin that pumpkin!

  2. Oh sweetness!! These look like little clouds of you deliver to Charlotte!? XOXO