Monday, November 9, 2009

Life with Louie...very belated

My favorite house guest is back! And thank goodness, I should have posted about this little snuggler when he came to stay for a full week, but alas I was too busy dressing him up and taking pictures of him!
So who is the new little man of the house? It's Louie, the sweet pup of Mike & Ang! Mike & Ang are way more popular and well traveled then S2H and myself so every once and awhile we win the puppy sitting lottery and get Louie during their travels. Louie is in high demand and we have tough puppy sitting competition!
Louie is the perfect dog and is not helping my urge for my own little pup. The week with Louie was supposed to deter me from getting a dog, but Lou is so well behaved that now I just want to get him a playmate! Lou is back tonight and has inspired me to blog. I guess all you need to get out of a blogging rut is a little pup who fits perfectly on your tummy (not sure what that says about my tummy) and snuggles while you upload long overdue pics. For your enjoyment: October pics of the little man!
{bath time!}
{should have posted this two weeks ago...}
{and i'm in love.}

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  1. Eeek! Louie is the cutest puppy ever! I want to steal him!