Friday, April 9, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I'm almost all Irish and even have a brother named Patrick, so big no-no that I didn't have a timely post for the day of my people! No worries though, I definitely celebrated and even have a few pics to prove it! For the office, I made car bomb cupcakes! These little 3-bite treats were the holy trinity: Guinness in the cake batter, Jameson Whiskey in the dark chocolate gnache, and Bailey's cream icing! They were a big hit in the land of cubes and will definitely be expected in the future! You can find there recipe here, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

{yummy dark chocolate gnache with Jameson!}
{final product}
{S2H decided we needed a little irish coffee for the cupcake taste test!}
{s2h likes, washed down with a lovely glass of Guinness}
{finished off the day with a few green beers at a local pub}

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