Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Recap

I know we are in 2010 but it is never too late for a Christmas Recap! S2H and I celebrated Christmas at home by getting our 1st real Christmas tree, seeing the DC Christmas Decorations, eating lots of homemade cookies, exchanging gifts a bit early, and watching Elf, Home Alone 2 and other classics.

For the big day we went to New Hampshire (aka the North Pole) for a mini family reunion of my dad's side of the family. It was the first time S2H meet most of my uncles and cousins, and he passed with flying colors. I on the other hand stressed way too much and ended up giving myself an awful headache/toothache from grinding my teeth in anxiety ( I know I know...relaxing is apart of my New Year's Resolution)! All in all it was a successful Christmas and I am looking forwarding to keeping up with the new traditions S2H and I shared this year!
{gifts with S2H, we even did stockings!}
{he always makes everything more fun}
{right before Christmas Eve Mass}
{little bro & giselle}


  1. Oh this just makes my heart smile! And another important line of business...where in the world did you get that dress!?! xoxo

  2. the bro is a hottie meghan! he's such a perfect mixture of you and giselle! I agree with your girl Nina - very cute dress! You didn't mention what you and S2H got each other - or is it XXX?