Thursday, January 28, 2010

Proper home for all your treasures

Not sure about you all, but my jewelry is a mess...tangles of beads, hoops, and bangles! Even though my bling is a disaster I am not the biggest fan of jewelry boxes. My stuff tends to be a bit over-sized, and while I do have a few special pieces most of it is costume jewelry, so it just doesn't fit in a standard jewel box. Well low-and-behold...I found the perfect solution while blog browsing yesterday!

I present to you: Custom Jewelry Display

{how amazing...all those big earrings organized and ready to wear!}

{i'm in love with these knobs!}

See these displays & more @ the Jewelry Art Store

Here are a few suggestions for your special pieces of jewelry

{ perfect for your pearls from Pottery Barn}

{too cute from Etsy}

{safe & sound for your travels, you can even get the silver tab monogrammed}

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  1. can s2h make us each one like the white one on top? please?!?