Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saving Grace

Some of you may have heard how the DC area has completely shut-down and most are out of school & work. Well, here is my pouty moment...I STILL HAD TO TRAVEL FOR WORK. That's right people. I had to get myself to Enterprise on Monday and beg for an SUV and then crawl my way down to NC for a business trip. So I am not happy...I love nothing more than a snow day...2 snow days, just not fair!

Alas, there is a saving grace! Nina from Peace, Love & Good Food is making her own little trip to come have a date night with me! We are never in a 2 hour drive from each other so this is really a treat. I haven't seen Miss. Nina since her big engagement so I can't wait to give her a huge hug and demand to try on her new bling (I know it's tacky but I don't care!)!! A night with my Nin definitely makes up for 2 missed snow days (maybe 3). Thank goodness for wonderful friends and girls nights!

photo via here


  1. awww meghan! what a bummer!! hope you and your girl have a good time together!

  2. Tuesday was perfect! I feel so refreshed. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!