Saturday, February 27, 2010

So over the phone

How do people manage long distance relationships? I am so in awe of people who can make it work no matter mountains, oceans, time zones or coasts. S2H has been gone 7 days and I am currently counting down the hours til he gets home tomorrow night. I am just not good at being on the phone and I never feel completely connected during our conversations or text messages. I just get off the phone and want more. So all you long distance love do you manage with all the miles?? Do you skype, watch tv over the phone, make a list during the day of things you want to mention...tell me, what keeps you sane!?

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  1. When I lived in KC, and when Joel's work schedule wouldn't allow us to see one another for days at a time, we'd have phone dates where we'd do a crossword puzzle over the phone. I loved it, but still, nothing beats that face to face interaction!

  2. aww you two would come up with something cool like that! i'm going to remember this so we can do something crafty with crossword puzzles for a certain lovey event! ;)

  3. Oh Lovie!!! TRUST me when I say that I know the feeling. MM and I recently went nearly 8 weeks apart and I thought a piece of me was missing. 7 days seems easy breezy but when you are not used to that it seems like ages. Skype is nothing short of a small miracle...seriously. xoxo