Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Finds

Happy Friday inter-webs! I have been lacking with my posting but I have still been perusing and have some things to share. Hope everyone has a restful and fun weekend. I have a babysitting gig tonight (hello tax-free cash), some special invites to pull together (future post on that to come!) and then pool time with S2H! I am also hoping to write some posts this weekend and download about 3 months worth of pictures. Why is it such a challenge to get the pictures off the camera and onto Shutterfly? Does anyone else have a brain block when it comes to this stuff? Please tell me if you have any tips!

thought provoking article thanks to hilary...i need to practice my patience

are you a smart cookie? i get daily e-mails from this site with tips on how to save & be a smart spender!

my new favorite food blog...i have made the mac & cheese recipes, tequila burgers, and many more-all have been a hit!

when-to-wash-it handbook...i am my clothes worst enemy!

food myth busters courtesy of Hungry Girl

Polyvore is my new favorite tool! i've used it two times now to create quasi inspiration boards. it is so fun and the tool and click on any inspiring picture you find and it saves it to your account for later!

these food pics make me happy! i might just steal some of the supper menus from this blog!

photo via here

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  1. awww meghan - i was featured again! :) good site rec's though!