Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer

Today is officially the first day of summer. However, we have been having 90 degree days in the District for quite sometime now. S2H and I successfully kicked off the summer with friends at Jazz in the Garden and a Saturday Nationals game! I also snuck off to the pool for some reading time in preparation for this Tuesday's Book Club. We are reading Bel Canto. I am only a hundred pages in and struggling! I'm just crossing my fingers that I will finish in time.

This week I will be busy prepping for a weekend in Charlotte celebrating bride-to-be Nina! We have plans for lunch, wedding gown viewing, bridal shower, and lots of snuggle time and yummy food. From Charlotte, I will be heading straight to San Diego for work and play! Busy Busy! I am the worst packer and already have anxiety about packing for these ten days in two very different climates...yikes! Any advice? PLEASE send it my way!

A little update....I have been successful with my goal for two weeks in a row! I think all the healthy cooking is paying off. I now need to get an action plan for all my travel so the numbers on the scale keep dropping! I wore my bikini out this weekend and I feel VERY uncomfortable and that maybe it is only appropriate at a private pool, like with no other humans. We shall see...

There were many pictures taken this weekend, just not by me, cause I am so bad at that! But hopefully I can snag some from friends soon. Until then, have a good week!

photo from PB.

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