Thursday, June 10, 2010

A week in the kitchen

I tried three new healthy meals this week and they were a big success! They left S2H and I feeling full but not guilty. I think I may save my more "savory" recipes for the weekend when we can eat them for a late lunch and then "walk" them off. I'm just not prepared to give up my baked mac & cheese obsession!

Below are the links for the three meals I made. All are from Cooking Light and took no time at all!
-Crispy Fish: I am not a huge fish fan but I loved the panko bread crumbs with the tilapia I used. The only additions I made to the recipe were a few baby itty bitty pats of butter on top (I couldn't help myself) and added some all-seasoning to the breadcrumbs. I served it with roasted zucchini, just tossed with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper, and a sprinkle of fresh parm!

-Mushroom-Herb Chicken: I made a few edits to this recipe...(1) I didn't have marjoram and had never seen it in any other recipes before so there was no way I was going to buy it. So I used tarragon and I think it worked out well! I also didn't have sherry on hand so I used port wine. S2H liked the meal but I still missed the yumminess of cream sauce...but that does not fall in the "light" category! I served the chicken on top of mashed garlic red potatoes, very good for soaking up extra sauce, and steamed broccoli.

-Chicken-Orzo Salad: This was S2H's healthy meal find of the week. And he made the whole thing by himself while I slept off the weariness of my morning root canal. I love orzo, it's practically guilt-free pasta! And the goat cheese really pulled everything together. We've made variations of this type of salad before but never with arugula. The arugula added a nice peppery bite. Definitely a keeper for future Friday night dinners!

On another yummy note I made Mini Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes this week for a fiesta inspired baby shower at work! The cake was nice and airy, and there was a nice heat at the end of the bite thanks to the cinnamon, cayenne pepper and coffee in the batter. I topped them with awesome cinnamon cream cheese icing...delicious...I would know as I ate half the icing while I tried to get the perfect amount of sweet. I followed the recipe to the T but for some reason I had about double the batter. Instead of 24 minis I could have made 48! Not sure what happened, I stopped at 36 cupcakes just for my own sanity. But no harm no foul, they were a big hit at work and I think I am slowly becoming the baking princess of the office...I love a good title! Both recipes came from the blog, Everchanging Plate. This is my new favorite food blog, the writer is a Chicago Pastry Student, how cool is that?! I wish I knew I could be a pastry student when I chose Finance as my major in college. Maybe in another life? :)

Sorry for the lack of pics. I just can't bare to bust out the camera in my non-air conditioned kitchen! Pains me just to stand near the oven! I hope you all have an amazing weekend...filled with yummy food and friends to share it with!

Kitchen I am obsessing over via here. If only I weren't a renter, my bitty kitchen would be in demo as we speak!

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