Wednesday, July 27, 2011

frizz, photo shoot, & fun

S2H and I were lucky enough to snag a Sunday afternoon with Lindsay Alexander last month for our official engagement photos!  Luck would have it that Lindsay was in DC to capture the most amazing wedding of my work sister, Erin.  Lindsay is also going to capture our day and was sweet enough to spend some extra time in DC for an engagement photo session.  This was a great opportunity to get comfortable with each other and capture some images in the place where S2H and I met.  The day was great for the "lighting" but not so great for my hair...hello frizz city!  It was a hot and humid DC morning with a side of drizzle.  Lindsay was a trooper and I tried not to let my self conciousness get the best of me! Here are some of my favorites.  But be sure to check out Lindsay's blog to see us and all her amazing work!

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