Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love, Family, & Friends

Ever since S2H and I got engaged we have been showered with love, kindness, and generosity.  We have had so much fun celebrating with our family and friends.  My sweet friends, Erin and Erin, officially kicked off the pre-wedding festivities with an engagement party.  All our family and friends joined us in Arlington, VA for drinks, yummy food, and the most amazing cupcakes.  This party also marked the first meeting of our parents!  And it was a huge success!  Erin and Erin handled every detail to perfection and our parents and siblings had an amazing time.  My dad came up from Charlotte, Giselle from UNC, S2H's family caravan-ed from PA, my mom's family from NY, and even sweet Nina came from the cornfields!! We are lucky kids!  It was truly a special moment full of all the important things, family, friends, and laughter!

{hosts and work sisters, Erin & Erin.  my person, nina! cupcakes courtesy of mama flo and kollene!}

{clockwise: S2H's fam, giselle & my dad, giselle, my mom's fam}

The fun continued this month with my first bridal shower hosted by my soon to be in-loves!  S2H's mom, sister (Erin), and sister-in-law (Jen) gave me the most beautiful shower!  These women amaze me with their generosity, talent, and love for family.  I could go on and on about all the special details they put into the shower - mason jars full of flowers, silverware tied with ribbon in our wedding colors, chocolate fondue, DELICIOUS food, and homemade hand decorated mini cakes for all the guests! There were games too!  I totally bombed on the "question game" and had to chew 11 pieces of Bubbalicious gum! :)   So we had full bellies and lots of giggles.  I had so much fun celebrating with everyone and felt truly loved.    The day was so special.  It took me a few days to process how wonderful everything was.  I was so spoiled and will be forever grateful for this bright spot and happy memory during all the wedding planning craziness!

{even S2H's dad helped out- check out that beautiful lawn & tent.  beautiful cakes by Jen!  the best food ever!  S2H's mom knows i have a thing for mason jars.}

{me & the girls!  so blessed to have these women in my life!}

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