Monday, July 25, 2011

Hair Cult

I have always been very particular about my hair.  Nina and I can have full page g-chat conversations about our hair routine, the current humidity level and how to combat it, and the newest product featured on the Today Show or our favorite blog.  It may seem silly to some but it is more about a comfort thing than anything else.  My hair is kind of like my security blanket, something I think I have control opposed to my hips! With the upcoming wedding I went into hair obsession over-drive!  And to top it off, I met Ruby.  Ruby is the hair goddess at Frizzles, my new salon!  Ruby has me on a "hair plan" and I am sharing this plan with everyone I know.  I have been on the hair plan for about 5 months and I am a believer! The plan is easy, actually less work...I have stopped washing my hair!  Well at least I have stopped washing my hair every day.  I now wash my hair every 3 days.  Crazy right?!  But it makes a HUGE difference.  My hair is fuller, vibrant, and more manageable.   I have followed this little routine through spring and summer - workouts and workout slumps.  Don't judge - sweat is good for your hair!

Day 1: Wash and blowout
Day 2: Little baby corn starch to absorb oils, pin hair back if it is looking a little limp
Day 3: More baby corn starch, some up-some down, pony tail or curl hair
Day 4: Wash and blowout - start all over!

Tools of the Trade:
Baby corn starch - helps absorb oils and comes scented to freshen things up
Natural Bristle Brush - natural bristles help distribute oils, brush every night
Moroccoan Oil - use on damp hair to protect hair from styling heat
Volumizing Spray - helps make the blowout last longer
Dry Shampoo - helps add texture for pony tails and curls

Only shampoo the crown of your head, that's where all the oil is.  Only conditioner your ends, that's the area lacking moisture. If you think about it this is how they wash your hair at the salon! If you are going to splurge go for the good shampoo.  Your hair naturally produces the best conditioner.  Stick with the hair plan!  It takes about two weeks to even out your "oil production." Before you know it you will be rocking 3-day old hair - to work and to party.  It's amazing!



  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I just logged on with a glimmer of hope (as I do EVERY DAY) that you had posted something since your million month blogging hiatus. To my surprise, there was not one, but FOUR NEW POSTS! This, of course, being my favorite as I am now a firm believer and 4 months strong on this incredible plan. Love you so much, bella!