Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time Flies

{i love this man. gold guido chain and all!}

I mentioned in my last post that S2H and I celebrated our two year (dating) anniversary. Our actual day is July 31/August 1. We decided to start dating the night of July 31 so I like to count both days. It took us a whole year to start dating! First we were co-workers, then neighbors, neighbors turned into best friends, and best friends turned into snuggle buddies (don't judge, it was a cold winter in Kansas City!). After many nights of Jon & Kate Plus 8, drunken walks home holding hands, movie nights on the couch, the appeal of homemade dinners and lunches (food is the way to S2H's heart) and some battles in between we finally started dating. I always knew I wanted S2H, took him a little longer to feel the same, but we both fell in love together! The two years has been packed with triumph and tears, but I am always glad I have him beside me. He is the only person I would ever want to be my roommate and the first person I call with news. He can handle my panic when I am lost (which is a lot) and my territorial kitchen behavior. He lets me talk him to sleep and always makes the bed. I know I am blessed when we catch each other's eye.

We had so much fun celebrating that it will take another post for all the pictures. I treated S2H to a day date in the Eastern Shore, so fun! More to come!

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