Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Musings

Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope you are spending your Saturday enjoying the little things. S2H and I spent a lazy morning hanging out with my cousin and munching on a savory strata along with some fresh berries...yum, might be our dinner too!
My head is spinning with a few things. 1.) I can't seem to find a pair of favorite earrings (they were my mom's). This is driving me crazy as this summer I lost one of her earrings to the ocean...grrr. Praying to St.Anthony is now my hourly mantra. 2.) Miss.Nina's wedding is in exactly 2 weeks! Can't wait to see my sweet friend walk down the aisle. I feel so lucky that I get to stand by her side! 3.) I need to lose 3/4 of an inch in my waist before Nina's wedding so I can fit into my bridesmaids dress, yikes! This is not good as I sit here savoring ice cream. 4.) I need a haircut. Bad. But I can't seem to find a stylist in my neighborhood. Everything is so expensive, and I can't justify paying $80 for a trim. But my split ends are making themselves known. Any recommendations??
I'm off to organize pictures and future posts. Have a wonderful weekend! To see some tid-bits from my girls weekend last week click here and here.

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