Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Green Monsta!

As excited as I am about the beginning of Fall...even though the 80 degree DC weather is kind of stealing the season's glory, ahem...I have had an amazing summer. One of my favorite memories was going up to visit my grandparents with S2H for a true New England weekend. My grandparents, fondly known by all my lovies as Maggie & Bill, are true hosts and always keep the laughs coming! Their house on the coast of New Hampshire has a special place in my heart and I was so excited to show the boy my summer stomping grounds. The night of our arrival Maggie treated S2H to his FIRST lobster! Now being true Boston-breed folk Mag & Bill were dismayed that Scott had never had a true lobster, but I think they were ever so excited to welcome him to the wonderful world of the REAL New England delicacy. S2H got a lesson from the pros on how to eat the lobster and even a plate with step-by-step instructions! Only these two would have a set of dishware that display how to eat a lobster! The big event of the weekend was the Red Sox Game! The happy family hopped in the car and made the short trip to Fenway Park. We had an awesome afternoon game full of sunshine, Fenway Franks, over-priced beers, and great company! The Red Sox knocked out the Toronto Blue Jays and we couldn't have asked for a better game!
Cheers to summer!


  1. I like the changes to the page! Also, cute pictures as always!

  2. I don't think I had enough condiments on my Fenway dog. If I remember correct I committed a sin when loading up the hotdog. I decided against ketchup!!!! Blasphemy!

  3. it was a moment of forgetfulness babe. you were overwhelmed by the glory of fenway park and the green monster!

  4. Any inappropriate comments from Maggie that you could insert in there!? xoxo