Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Little Itty Bitty Apartment and the 42" TV That Lives There

This past July I made the big adult leap and rented a one-bedroom apartment for me, myself, and I. While I am still getting used to living on my own and the challenges that come with it, I absolutely LOVE it! I think I am blossoming in my own little space!
With it just being me, there has only been one person to pay all the bills, making things a little tight. So for the past two months I have gone without a TV, internet and cable. YIKES! Actually, it hasn't been too bad since the summer has been busy with travel and time spent outside. However, one little visitor was getting quite antsy living without the modern luxuries, especially with football season starting! S2H gave me a strict football opening deadline to get a TV or else his presence would be missed for the season! Well I barely made it but a HUGE TV was purchased this week and the boy is glowing with excitement!
All 42" is now proudly displayed in my living room! I may not be too excited about football, but I am secretly excited to get back into Project Runway and all my guilty pleasure shows!

{S2H so excited for the new living room addition}


  1. yay for tv! and yay for project runway! miss you :)

  2. haha very nice meghan! the HD is wonderful, despite the stupid cost of cable TV.