Friday, September 11, 2009

Tarheel Love

Giselle recently entered the fun and fabulous world of college! I am so proud of her and she is the cutest Tarheel I've ever seen! Nina and I decided to go spend a night with her over Labor Day and eat our way through Chapel Hill. Giselle, now being a campus restricted eater, was all about free, yummy meals that did not involve a plastic tray! We started our little foodie adventure with a stop at the Yogurt Pump. This a delightful little frozen yogurt shop hidden in a little cove off of Franklin Street. I had a summery blend of Raspberry & Vanilla, Giselle had chocolate with her favorite topping, M&Ms, and Nina went with the Toffee Nut sprinkled with Chocolate Chips. It was the perfect sunny day treat and the Yogurt Pump does it right by giving you two layers of toppings. Nina was so happy to find chocolate chips sprinkled midway through her treat.

{the beauties with their sweet treat}

Next, we made our way to Target. This is always a necessary trip for any college girl when she has a car to use and a big sis to pay! After our Target trip we were a little famished and stopped at Moe's, a favorite of Giselle's. And oh my they do have the best queso and chips! To quote the soul mate, "I could swim in this queso!" For dinner I finally filled my sweet potato fry craving at Carolina Brewary. I ADORE sweet potato fries and Carolina Brewery makes them with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar, TO.DIE.FOR. Accompanied with an Amber Ale, I was in heaven!

We finished off a fulfilling eating day with a stop at Starbucks to share a Pumpkin Spice Latte. A perfect ending to share with my girls. {see side bar of nin & i enjoying our favorite Fall beverage}
No worries, the eating didn't stop with just one day! After a lazy morning, we headed to Carrboro for a local breakfast. Elmo's Diner was a cute little hangout full of biscuits, jam, and all things to start off a happy day. I had the Farmer's Omelet with a biscuit fit for any good ol'boy. We all left with smiles and took a walk around the Chapel Hill campus to stretch our full bellies! I totally embarassed Giselle and made her take pics all over campus, gotta document her freshman year! It was a great trip all around, and I can't wait for all the visits to come. Gooooo HEELS!

{little love & i in front of the old well}

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