Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Night in Greensboro

My little sister, and best friend, started at UNC-Chapel Hill a few weeks ago. I was dying to see her in this new chapter of her life and made the decision to visit over the long Labor Day weekend! In an effort not to disturb her new party hopping schedule I decided to visit on Sunday & Monday. This actually ended up to be a bonus as I was able to have a quick visit with my newly engaged friend, Lo! Lo and I have known each other since 7th grade and it is so crazy to see her with the bling on her finger!
My soul mate, Nina, meet up with Lo and I in Greensboro and we spent a fabulous 24 hours getting mani/pedis, sharing a yummy dinner, discovering the mos
t precious cupcake shop, sipping on wine spritzers and watching Project Runway. It was just what the doctor ordered! Here are a few pictures to document the day!

(Maxie B's Dessert Cafe, Nina & her Pumpkin Chocolate Cupcake)

(me, Nina & Lo)


  1. This new blog is making my heart smile! I can't wait to follow your adventures even more than I already do! LOVE YOU!!!

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  3. May I just say that this whole blog thing is so freaking cool?! I love reading about all your random adventures and thoughts Meg! :) I am so proud of you for putting together this little site and I can't wait to read about the many adventures you shall post :) I loveeeee you!!! xoxoxoxx

  4. I agree w/ all of the above - nice work on the decor and content - you're an awesome writer... you should write a book!