Monday, September 14, 2009

Hmm...How do we feel??

Fall is still officially a week away, but magazines have been talking about it for months! In my last issue of Real Simple magazine they featured the top nail color picks for the upcoming season. I am obsessed with this YSL Stormy Grey color. I was never into the whole Channel black nail thing but there is something about this grey. Nin thinks it might be too gothic, thoughts?? What's your favorite Fall go-to nail color?

Check out Real Simple for the rest of the Fall 2009 Nail Color Trends


  1. I still love deep plums and wine inspired colors. I could do a grayish purple perhaps. I think I am just too nervous to try out the blue. Hmmm...what would Audrey do?!

  2. I agree with Nina - I love the wines and deep reds. However, I think I'm digging the "nude" colors these days, even for fall

  3. I love this color! I wore a purple-gray last season and I'm ready for something a little different. The saying goes, if you can wear the color as a piece of clothing, you can wear it on your nails.