Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bouquet Toss

S2H and I just attended our third wedding of the summer season.  All have been beautiful and just as special as the happy couples.  I am behind in posting about all these wonderful weddings.  My idea was to feature one wedding every week but I have to go out of order because of the unique events that happened at the wedding this past weekend.  
Our friends, Jayana and Dan, got married in Dunmore, PA this past weekend and the wedding was straight out of a fairytale.  Jayana has incredible taste and her detail oriented nature shined throughout the whole wedding.  The nuptial mass was also incredibly sweet and they did an amazing job honoring their families. Here are a few pictures to show what I can't put into words!

{the gorgeous reception at the Scranton Cultural Center, Jayana started dancing here when she was 5!}

{S2H and I meet Jayana through work, here is the rest of the work crew and table mates}

{i was swooning over the details, this candy bar was color coordinated and to-die-for. monogrammed to-go bags included!}

{chocolate words}

I could go on and on with pictures of this gorgeous event, it was just amazing.  The wedding was also a lot of fun, just like the couple!  In the middle of all the dancing they took a pause for the bouquet/garder toss.  I usually try to steer clear of this tradition but their were too many people pushing me towards the center for me to resist.  I stood off to the side with all the single ladies and did my best to keep towards the edge of the action.  Well guess what?  That pile of roses came right at me!!

{see me to the right.  i was so shocked!  and about 5 shades of red! p.s. how gorgeous is jayana!?}

{now the mortifying part, the garder!  i had no idea what to do and was wishing for a strong beverage!}

Can you believe it?!  Quite the eventful wedding for me.  I can only imagine the pictures and video footage...hello awkward Meghan faces!  Hopefully they will get misplaced during a freak accident.  Anyways, it was a beautiful wedding and I feel so blessed that S2H and I were able to share in the celebration of two amazing people!  Congrats Jayana & Dan!  


  1. whoop whoop look at you catching the bouquet! I miss you come back :)

  2. Ok, several things here:

    1) You caught the bouquet!! SO CUTE!
    2) Hot momma, look at those legs!
    3) I see you found your perfect pair of nude patent leather heels, good job, so cute!