Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hopin', Wishin' & Prayin'

...for FRIDAY! Oh man people, this has been a rough week. Rough as in I am currently eating mac & cheese out of a box and biscuits with butter and I DO NOT CARE! To boot I have taken over the tv and am catching up on all my Bravo reality shows, Flipping Out seems very appropriate right now. I know I am wallowing, but plan to let it go after tonight. I want to enjoy the fun weekend S2H and I have planned, so once I finish this biscuit I am forgetting about work and the events of this week! The weekend agenda includes date night, tailgate party, and lots of time in the kitchen. We plan to see The Town. Has anyone seen it, yay/nay?

To help take my mind off things I have been perusing the webs for a little bit of cheer.  In case you are in my boat-praying for Friday to come, here is a little distraction to help get you through the work day!

how cool is this water bottle? genius! i wish i would have thought of this!

after eating 1,000 calories tonight maybe i'll cut back this weekend and sip on these.

this brought back cozy childhood memories!  my family used to vacation in maine every summer.  my parents actually met in maine in their teens during a family vacation! not sure i remember ME being particularly aromatic though...

i'll be making these pumpkin cookies for the tailgating party, yum! for sunday steelers i'll be treating S2H to chili!

digging the photo above?  check out the rest of stephanie rausser's work here.  very fresh.

if only i could wear these leggings and a hoodie to work tomorrow...might make the day bearable.  i think a pumpkin spice latte will have to do.

these two girls are inspiring!  i might just have to start a thursday girls night!

That's all for now sweetsies!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. MOD step away from the mac and cheese! I love you sweet thing! I want to hear all about this wonderful weekend and more importantly the pumpkin cookies! :) Have a great weekend send my love to S2H!!!! ps I miss you!