Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Just Hand Soap

I know, I know, this is not a very exciting post (especially for a Friday).  But I just can't help it; I have found an amazing new soap and I have to share!  My general stance with hand soap is that I buy whatever is on sale and never buy those refillable soap holders.  I love how pretty the glass and ceramic holders are but I feel like they always break or stop pumping, and seem to gather water at the bottom...and we all know what that leads to, ew.  In the past Bath & Body Works was my favorite hand soap, especially the holiday editions!  But hold the phone, and good bye Bath & Body Works.  Sweet Nina introduced me to Motif, the most delectable soap to have  ever graced the sink counter top.  Their motto says it best so I am just going to quote.  "Motif is dedicated to making the small, unexpected things in your life just as precious as the big ones." I am 100% serious - this soap puts a smile on my face. They have the best scents and the cutest pattern labels (the bottles are also biodegradable and recyclable).  Right now my favorite is blackberry basil, but I have cypress & pear waiting in the queue and I can't wait!  It is like a heavenly pause every time I wash my hands!  So where do you find this magical soap (besides the website)? Target, and it is  priced at $3.99, less than the B&BW soap , bonus!  I know you think I'm crazy, but try it for yourself and get back to me :).  Happy Weekend!

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  1. i thought it looked come back! :(