Thursday, September 9, 2010

Liquid Gold for the Hair

While in Charlotte this past weekend I snuck over to my old hair salon for a little trim.  I know this is pathetic, but I haven't been able to find a stylist that I like and can afford in the DC area (yes, I have lived here for three years).  I have a strict rule not to pay over $50 for my hair as I usually just get a couple inches taken off and some layers...easy peezy.  I can't justify giving a stylist $80 for such a basic cut, especially when they only blow dry it half way...grrr.  Needless to say my stylist did her magic and my split ends disappeared and all my fly-aways were tamed in less than 40 minutes!  
The greatest part of the experience was the new product she introduced me to.  Usually I steer clear of asking for products because they are so pricey but my hair was so smooth that I had to ask.  She said she now swears by Earthly Body's Marrakesh Hair Serum.  This stuff is awesome.  It tames your hair and helps it dry faster!  You can also use it on damp or dry hair.  She gave me a few samples and it actually worked when I styled my hair at home, a true miracle!  I've been searching online for the best price and the range is between $15-$23.  Not too bad since a little goes a long way.  I am still in the honeymoon phase since it has been about 5 days but I feel like this may be a new chapter in my hair life!

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  1. Meghan! You need to try the Sugar House in Old Town. They'll charge you $75 for a haircut, but it's totally worth it. I'm going on five months past my haircut and my hair hasn't lost its shape. PLUS, they give you an amazing scalp massage while shampooing your hair and dry it completely after carefully cutting it. I walk out feeling like a new woman.

  2. I like the 'honeymoon phase' remark.. haha