Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunshiny Sweet Takes Penn State...Mac Clan Style

This past weekend S2H and I headed to the great tailgating land known as Penn State!  It was perfect weather for a football game, sunny and a crisp 70 degrees (much more pleasant than my previous PSU game).  We loaded up the mini-van with chili, buffalo chicken dip, apple crisp, and as many Mac Family football fans as we could fit and took off for Happy Valley!  Once in Happy Valley we met up with S2H's brother and sister-in-law (also PSU grads) and their two girls.  All in all it was a good showing of Macs, including S2H's mom and dad, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Jim.

{check out that yummy spread, color coordinated of course!  how cute is little em?! and yes, jen and i have such good taste that we went for the same white-out t-shirt for the game (had to do a wardrobe change as i was originally in blue).}
We tailgated before the 3:30pm kick-off and had fun catching up and tossing around the football.  We also talked about the revival of my blog, which Uncle Jim fondly referred to as "Sunshiny Sweet!" Hahaha...I knew I was going to have to use that for the blog post title! :)

{the whole gang!}

Penn State played Temple this weekend and it was a pretty close game in the beginning, but Penn State had some big plays in the end and won 22-13 .  I can't really say that I was paying too much attention to the game though.  We were sitting right next to the student section and their was plenty of action in the stands to keep me entertained.
{joepa taking his rightful place on the field, nittany crowd surfing, best student section ever}
We couldn't have asked for a better Fall day or tailgating crew!  For the next game we are off to the "Alexandria, VA" PSU Campus for a little local tailgating action.  Any food ideas for me?  I'm thinking of making football cupcakes or something pumpkin!  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Cheers to Football Season!

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  1. Love the pics...I especially love your blue tee-shirt. I say cupcakes AND something pumpkin. Yeah for Football!!